Tiny Tim

Autarkic living

Faro Architects, under the direction of Jurgen van den Ploeg, developed the Tiny TIM house. Green Art Solutions has made the water management of the house completely autarkic so that no form of utilities is involved!

The Tiny TIM, which has received a lot of attention on Fabcity, has a water-purifying wall that Green Art Solutions has developed. All the rainwater that falls on the roof and the water that is used or produced at home, including urine, is collected. This water is purified and can be used again for showering and washing. The wall has been tested for water quality with very high values ​​as a result. These values ​​are within the standards ​​of water boards and the coli (bacterial life is healthy) has a value of 15 within the standard that the Dutch water authority approves.

We strongly believe that decentralized water purification is becoming an important part of the urban environment. Moreover, another advantage is that you use less water from the water board and save costs! In the Netherlands water is not expensive, but if we look from a different perspective, water is becoming increasingly scarce on a global scale.

The cottage has been developed so that the power supply is self-generated. The underfloor heating is produced through the solar roof panels and provides hot water in the shower. The Tiny TIM can be placed anywhere. On every vacant piece of land where there are no facilities, this Tiny TIM house can be used to live in!

The Autarkic mobile home Tiny TIM has won a prize on the innovation platform “Urban Living Lab” in Amsterdam.

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