An enjoyable life can mean different things to different people. One person likes to live in the city and the other prefers an unobstructed view of nature. Green Art Solutions combines all these different experiences in one concept: The Sublime Green Space.

In a ‘Sublime Green Space‘ a total approach is chosen. We talk not only about green facades outside but also green walls in the interior.

In a sublime green designed space, ‘Sick Building’ effects such as dry air and noise pollution are reduced by ‘living green.’ With its ‘Sublime Green Space,’ Green Art Solutions is looking for ways to give people a ‘green’ diet every day for a couple of hours.


Sustainability plays an important role in our work. For Green Art Solutions sustainability is not seen as a trend or a hype, but as a logical development; an evolution.

For us, ‘GreenAbility‘ is the new word for sustainability.

Improving the quality of our living environment is a challenge that we can tackle in a decentralized manner. And that is exactly what we do at Green Art Solutions.

As a link between idea and realization, we contribute to a better living environment and we influence the roof and façade landscape. These many hundreds of square meters of façades (green façades) of the 21st century and the many hundreds of square roof surfaces now cause a lot of heat stress in the city.

Green Art Solutions has devised the GreenAbility solution for that!

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