Roof Gardens

The Forgotten Space

Until recently, roofs had one goal: to keep water out and to insulate buildings. However, we underestimate roofs. A roof is much more than that!

Millions of square meters of roof remained unused until now and we are changing that. By looking at the possibilities on roofs, environmental problems are also tackled at the same time; generating energy, capturing CO2, water storage and water use can be created.

But much more is still possible! We can also walk, park, exercise, swim, sunbathe on rooftops. Green Art Solutions is therefore occupied with all possibilities on the roof, both on a functional and sustainable level.

Our System
For almost 30 years we have been designing roof gardens and roof terraces so that we can give extremely good advice. We have developed a New Roof Garden System. In this system, green space is not only assigned to green areas, water buffering takes place and water is delayed. In addition, even fine dust is captured!

Our system is simple and applicable on every roof. In addition, it ensures the cooling of the city in a natural way. The combination with solar panels is a concept that takes us into this new way of creating roof gardens. This allows you to tackle various disciplines in one building that are a necessity for urban design.

Space for Water
Rainwater is often seen as a problem, while it can be utilized in a great many ways. It can even become part of the urban design. At Green Art Solutions we look at how water can be collected and what we can do with it. We use the roof and wall systems to slow down the water.

If water is retained, it will ensure a natural cooling of the city or more water evaporation. Cities are becoming deserts in many ways. The roofs and facades provide a too warm city. It is unhealthy and unnecessary. Rainwater can even be used by offices and homes. By decentralizing the water, an extra water supply is created that yields profit!

Sedum and Prairie Roof Gardens
Project developers, contractors and residents increasingly see that a well-laid sedum roof only has advantages for the durability of the roof, cooling of the space and buffering of water. But, did you know that on most roofs more is possible than just a sedum mat with 8 to 16 types of sedums? There are more than 500 sedum species on the market and applicable on roofs. A roof with flowering plants and grasses is also possible on a relatively thin package! This gives a totally different look and it creates a greater biodiversity of life.

The Prairie Roof Garden consists of indigenous plants from local prairies. Prairies provide evidence for a complex and positive relationship between indigenous peoples and plants. These cultural landscapes provide habitat for many rare and endangered species that depend on these human manipulated habitats.

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