Research and Innovation

Startup Village

In the Startup Village at the Amsterdam Science Park, Eduard van Vliet and students from the Amsterdam Green Campus are investigating the possibilities for making urban spaces greener. This knowledge is then transferred to entrepreneurs, governments and research and educational institutions. Startup Village plays a key role as a learning area and test space for ‘Urban Green’ education with students who install green roofs, vertical gardens and water purification systems.

Startup Village is being converted into a green heart where plants on roofs, facades and in the buildings are placed in different ways.

In 2017 a five-year partnership was established between Green Art Solutions and the University of Amsterdam. This means that there is intensive cooperation for five years to thoroughly test the new innovations of Green Art Solutions. This research will provide a clear picture of the added value of green for the urban environment.



The water issues that the cities of today are facing play an important role in the research process. Water will be integrated into the systems in various innovative ways, resulting in solutions that are not yet seen or used. A number of new roof garden concepts are being realized with multiple ways of water buffering and with a clear increase in biodiversity. Harmful substances in the air and in the water will be removed and the rainwater and water used in the buildings will be reused.

For the last 5 years, we have used roofs and façades to purify water. We have recently developed a project where the purified rainwater ends up in a natural pool. This water is used to cool the building in a natural way and is also connected to the toilet and washing machine. In this way, every drop of water is used well!

Green Art Solutions tries to use nature in every possible innovative way to solve contemporary urban problems.

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