A combination of Order and Balance

Green Art Solutions likes to conceptualize a new design of a garden or park. In all our designs ‘green’ is the starting point. ‘Green’ is essential for a sustainable, healthy, creative and atmospheric living environment.

Luxury gardens of Green Art Solutions are characterised by their calming influence. We provide a practical design that is spacious and atmospheric. All our designs use powerful, simple architectural lines. The combination of the right proportions and subtle transitions, such as a wall, a water element, a hedge or special planting, make the garden spatial, surprising, adventurous and highly individual.

The different forms of hardening ensure order and balance. With their timeless character, terraces of concrete or natural stone form a beautiful contrast with the well-chosen lush planting. Carefully applied lighting brings the garden into the living room, even when it is dark outside. We guarantee a creative mix of all these elements so that you can fully enjoy your garden in the morning, afternoon, evening, summer and winter!

Water collection
At Green Art Solutions we find it important to integrate the water that falls on the roof of your house into the garden. We strongly believe that cities and gardens are too much stone and concreteand that is why we would like to see a proper balance here. We provide sufficient space to sit and enjoy and at the same time sufficient greenery to buffer the water in your own garden. You will experience that the right balance will benefit you, and the garden is a pleasant place to stay.

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