Green walls

‘The Living Wall’

It is not difficult to understand that having a green wall has many advantages. Besides looking attractive, there are considerable scientific benefits. Scientists and climatologists recognize that green walls have a beneficial influence on our society.

Air Purification
Many people are unaware that there is a lot of air pollution within spaces. This air pollution is often due to the large amount of synthetic materials and bad chemicals within offices. This results in the so-called “Sick Building Syndrome”. Fortunately nature offers the solution: plants!

Plants take in the bad substances and turn this into more oxygen. This means that the room is always filled with the right amount of oxygen and productivity is higher. It reduces the feelings of stress, headaches and improves concentration and memory.

A Pleasant Environment
Have you ever had the experience of an almost oppressive silence while walking in a forest? That’s because plants muffle noise! By placing more plants in the house, a sense of calm is literally created. Besides the fact that plants absorb sound, research shows that plants provide more peace. Tasks are executed better and more accurately.

Space and Time-saving
By building a vertical wall, space is saved and an impressive image is created. In addition, we ensure that everything is made as easy as possible for you. Our wall is self-sufficient. Green Art Solutions has developed its own unique façade system.

We offer customized maintenance packages. Maintenance is thus kept to a minimum and guarantees a beautiful, lush, green wall. The type of planting is chosen in consultation with the client. This takes into account whether the planting is indoors or outdoors, the type of lighting, and space. We construct the wall and install an automatic irrigation system that will provide the plants with the ideal amount of water and nutrients. Depending on the light intensity of the spot, the wall is provided with lighting so that planting will grow well even in dark places!

When installing our green walls, we provide a standard maintenance package for the first year. We do this because of the critical acclimatization period of the plants during the first months. We also offer maintenance packages for the following years, to ensure that your living wall stays beautiful!

The package prices depend on the total size of the wall and is offered during the design phase.

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